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Mayor's Message

July 7, 2016


Terry MurdockDear Taxpayers,


We have reached the two and a half year mark of my four-year term as Mayor of Thorne and I wanted to take this opportunity to update all of you on what we have accomplished since last summer and also on our plans for moving forward.


I am very pleased that we were able to, in preparing this year’s budget, not increase taxes - therefore resulting in three consecutive years without having to do so.  I am also very optimistic, by what I can ascertain, the same will be true for 2017.  Many of you may know that I was elected Pro-Warden at the MRC by the majority of the eighteen mayors that make up the MRC in the Pontiac.  As such I have and will continue to work diligently on your behalf to keep taxes imposed by the MRC to a minimum.


My correspondence to you last year stated that I believed that since recreation falls under the umbrella of the Municipality that the TCRA should return the property back to the Municipality which would be more financially beneficial.  I also made it very clear that I felt that there was absolutely no reason why the TCRA Board of Directors could not continue to provide the cultural and sporting activities.  I continue to encourage that.   Out of 1,172 municipalities in the Province of Quebec, I am told, that Thorne is the only one that does not own the property where our Municipal Office is located.


Again, as I pointed out to you last summer, a lawyer was retained in the matter of returning the property to the Municipality, so as to ensure that the best interests of all taxpayers are always of the utmost importance.  I can promise each and every one of you that continuing to build on what the pillars of this community started several years ago is key to us in moving forward for the betterment and protection of this community.  We hope to have this matter resolved in short order so that we can move forward as a stronger community, encouraging more people to settle here in Thorne – making it a place where people would be proud to live and play.


The Municipality needs a building to store and service its equipment.  As you are aware most of our equipment for road maintenance has been purchased and will, if properly stored, serve our needs well for years to come.  We have also just recently purchased a new pick-up truck for the Municipality.  Please let us know if you have any questions or issues in this regard so that we can respond to any of your concerns.  A new fire hall is also required because the current one contains asbestos. 


These are but a few examples of what must be done.  Until the property is returned to the Municipality our hands are tied and prevents us from taking any positive action in improving and protecting the taxpayers assets.


We have accomplished a whole lot in a short period of time.  You will agree that more needs to be done if we want to keep Thorne a vibrant and financially viable community.


I am happy to advise that our financial situation remains solid.  We must, however, continue as a council to make responsible choices on how our tax dollars are spent.


I have a vision for this municipality that is new and exciting – one that I believe would make all taxpayers proud and from which everyone would benefit.  Making this community vibrant, welcoming and accessible with no extra costs to taxpayers is where I see us heading.


If anyone has questions please contact Stacy Lafleur, Director General, at (819) 647-3206.


Have a great and safe summer and thank you for your continued support. 


Yours truly,


Terry Murdock